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Head Girl’s Blog: 13th May 2013

posted 13 May 2013, 08:34 by Unknown user   [ updated 14 May 2013, 07:03 ]

Hi everyone,

In my blog this week I am going to be talking about Prefects and exams. Recently, we had a prefect ‘swap-over’ where the recently appointed Year 10 prefects take over from the current Year 11 Prefects who are concentrating on their GCSE exams. For those of you who may not know, a Prefect’s role is to be a role model for other pupils by being approachable and helpful, but they also have to do a duty on the playground or in the canteen on one week out of the two-week timetable. Every pupil in Year 10 had the chance to apply for Prefect and were put through a rigorous selection process including writing a letter of application and attending an interview with the Vice Principal! The new Prefects are doing exceptionally well at the moment; and for the current Year 9s it is something to consider applying for when they are in Year 10!

Also this week the exams have started to take place and whilst the teachers try not to put too much pressure on the pupils, as was seen on a report on BBC Breakfast only a few days ago, pressure can mount if you don’t have the right attitude. As both Year 10 and 11 pupils know, the best way to get through your exams is to be relaxed and revise as much as you can.

That’s all for this week,