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Drop Everything and Read

posted 15 May 2013, 03:38 by Unknown user   [ updated 15 May 2013, 04:57 ]

Four Dwellings Academy has recently launched an innovative way to promote reading and literacy in the daily lives of pupils and staff at the Academy - Drop Everything and Read (DEAR).

Pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 will stop what they are doing once a day and take part in 20 minutes of silent reading. Their teachers will also join them in reading. Everyone will quite literally Drop Everything and Read! This approach to reading will enhance literacy skills, benefit students and inevitably lead to an increase in attainment. Academies across the country have adopted similar models with amazing results.
For DEAR sessions to be effective, it is essential that pupils have appropriate reading material with them each day. The Academy will be providing ‘book boxes’ of stimulating books for each class to use, but pupils may also read material they have brought themselves. This material may be fiction or non-fiction 'substantial texts' but should not be comics, newspapers or magazines. Please encourage your child to visit the library regularly to change their reading material, and take time at home discuss what he/she is currently reading as part of DEAR.

Overwhelming evidence shows that interest in and a regular commitment to reading can have a massive impact on pupils' achievement across the curriculum. Whatever the level of your child's reading it can always improve, and their ability to understand, review and reflect on text always requires developing.

After the May half term the whole of Key Stage 3 will ‘Drop Everything and Read’ once a day, every day!
Year 7 enjoy a DEAR session during a Design Technology lesson