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Year 10 pupils enjoy a day of languages and espionage!

posted 16 Nov 2017, 06:40 by Jake Greenwood

Year 10 pupils enjoy a day of languages and espionage            

Year 10 pupils had a school trip with a difference this week.  They were taken to meet some real life spies to find out what it’s like to work for our security services. Pupils spent the day learning about encryption and decryption and were given tasks to decode secret messages about a fictional international drug smuggling ring. All the messages were in French, so pupils had to then use their language skills to interpret the messages and find out what to do next. Incorporated into the day was the chance to try out new languages. Sessions learning Korean, Arabic and Chinese were crucial in helping pupils to solve parts of the decrypted messages.

Mr Starkie, Head of Modern Languages, who organised the trip said, “It was a hugely challenging and exciting day for all of us. We came away knowing a lot more about the incredibly important work done by Language Analysts at GCHQ, the Government’s spy centre in Cheltenham. To actually meet some of these people and have chance to work alongside them on the tasks during the day was tremendously exciting and a real privilege. It all goes to highlight how important it is to study languages at school and our year 10 pupils are coming away from the experience determined to be successful language learners as these skills are in so much demand in the work place.”

The final part of the day involved our pupils creating and delivering a presentation to the spies, all in French, about what they had learned about the crime they were investigating. Four Dwellings Academy pupils Gilead and Precious were picked out by those running the day as being particularly effective in leadership, team worker and communication.

Well done to everyone involved!