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Show My HomeWork (SMHW)

There will be a launch of a new version of Show My Homework happening for the school next Wednesday 2nd December.

Upcoming New Version

This new version has been designed to make sure that our site is faster and a lot more resilient, there is also a whole new user interface which will make using SMHW visually easier and more intuitive.

New Version Introduction Video

New User Tutorials

Parent tutorials:
Student tutorials:

(All tutorials:

Supported Browsers (This information may be useful to send to parents) 

To ensure all goes smoothly for the switch over, please ensure that you have one of the recommended browsers listed below.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox 
  3. Safari 
  4. Internet Explorer 10 and above.
You can check your browser and that it is up to date by using this link: