Rebecca Blaymires

Rebecca left FDA 10 years ago and was able to explain to our current students how it was possible to succeed despite not following one particular career path. Rebecca left with good grades and loving school but wanted to move into a career, rather than further education. Her interesting career path has taken in:
  • wanting to be a dentist;
  • unsuccessfully trying to be a Navy pilot;
  • an entertainer in Devon;
  • insurance;
  • banking
Rebecca now works with businesses of up to £75m turnover as Associate Director Business Development for commercial banking at Lloyds banking group.  Rebecca isn't sure what comes next as she is expecting a child soon! 
Rebecca believes her success was helped by people believing in her, using social media such as LinkedIn to develop her profile and having a passion and drive to want to succeed.

Rebecca is now married, expecting a baby (congratulations!) and enjoys dining out, theatre, singing and travelling and her success in her career allows her to indulge those passions.

Current students asked Rebecca.....
How did you overcome barriers at school?
I loved school and had a goal which meant I stayed strong and always tried hard

Was it hard to get a good job?
You need to make sure you portray yourself in the right way and use social media such as LinkedIn and recruitment agencies to develop a presence

Do you have a dream job?
I don't know - it excites me not knowing what that might be!

Did you like your teachers at Four Dwellings?
Yes - some are still in the room right now....!

What's the best thing about working in banking?
Helping Britain prosper and in the work I do with schools and universities

What sort of salary is available in banking?
You have to accept that your first job won't pay fantastically but if you work hard you can progress - starting salaries in banks can be around £17000 but the sky is the limit if you progress.