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Common Uniform For All Pupils
· Academy Blazer
· Academy grey V neck sweater with black trim (wearing of the jumper is optional)
· Academy tie

PE Kit (in appropriate house colours)
· Polo Shirt
· Rugby Top
· Shorts
· Tracksuit bottoms with Academy badge (to be worn at the discretion of the PE staff)
 - Astro Boots for use on the 3G pitch - click here for more information New 3G Football Pitch
Female Students
· Straight leg black 'business style' trousers (No leggings, skinny jeans, tight Lycra trousers or any other variation).
· School skirt black with blue trim. Must be knee length (only available from supplier)
· White formal shirts
· Black leather formal shoes (no trainers, plimsolls, boots or other variation)
· Hijabs (head scarves) and long skirts must be plain black with no designs or embellishments.
Male Students
· Plain 'business style' trousers.
· White formal shirts
· Black leather formal shoes (no trainers, plimsolls, boots or any other variation)

Coloured hair extensions, excessive hair colouring/extreme styles & accessories will not be permitted. i.e. hair bandanas and large hair accessories
· Facial or tongue piercings are not allowed only one pair of small ear studs can be worn.
· Excessive make up is not allowed. The term excessive will be decided by the Academy.
· Acrylic nails, nail art/varnish will not be permitted.
· Blazers must be worn at all times unless permitted to do otherwise.
· Hooded tops or hats are not allowed on the school site.
· Black leather shoes must be worn.

Decisions are final and at the academy's discretion

Uniform Supplier
Somal Fashions
11 Faraday Ave,
West Midlands
B32 1JP

Tel: 0121 423 2969